Have a heavy appliance that just doesn’t work anymore? Do you have an old fridge sitting in your basement taking up space? We have solutions for these scenarios and more!

Have a heavy appliance that doesn’t work anymore just collecting dust?

Have an old heavy fridge or freezer in your basement taking up space and unable to lift it?

Getting a new appliance and just need the old one taken away?

Moving and just need it gone?

Buffalo Appliance Removal Company

Our experienced professionals can remove even the heaviest of appliances.

Frankie’s appliance removal experts can remove any appliance from your house, apartment, or living space. We can also remove industrial commercial appliances from your property or retail space, helping you in the moving process or simply decluttering your business.

We can remove appliances from anywhere on your property including basements, multi-level floors, attics, garages, and anything in between. We service customers with all types of circumstances in which their appliances are too heavy or cannot be safely removed. We can remove single appliances or multiple items, including microwaves, fridges, washers, dryers, heaters, lawn mowers, trash compactors, mini fridges, beverage/wine chillers, cook tops, grills, freezers, chest freezers, dishwashers, air conditioner units, hot water tanks, and stoves and ranges. Our trained and experienced junk hauling and appliance removal experts can also take care of heavy fryers, ovens, and other heavy appliances that are taking up space and need to be disposed.

Frankie’s Removal services all areas of Western New York, including Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and everywhere in between. We offer free on-site estimates for any job, no matter how big or small. Virtual estimates are also available by simply sending a picture. We will remove your appliances fast and efficiently with friendly service! Call Frankie’s today to get started!