Mattresses / Furniture Removal

Frankie’s removal service can remove all your unwanted furniture and mattresses.

Are you renting? Do you own a home?

Are you moving?

Are you updating your furniture and need the old stuff gone?

That heavy armoire or bed causing you trouble?

Buffalo Furniture Removal Services

Whether it’s just a single table, couch, loveseat, chair, or mattress, our furniture removal team in Buffalo can take care of it.

Nothing is too big or too small for us to remove for you. We have single item pricing available for those needing one item removed or we have multi load pricing available for those needing bulk items removed. We can take any item in any condition.

Old mattresses take up a lot of space in your home and are very hard to dispose of. We can come and quickly remove them in a matter of minutes giving you your space back for a new mattress or whatever you desire the space to be used for.

Couches and old furniture also take up a lot of needed space in your home, so if you need any mattress or furniture removal services near Buffalo, don’t hesitate to reach out!

If you’re moving and you have unwanted items left over, don’t bring those items with you, call us to remove those items. We can be there and gone in a matter of minutes.

Our furniture removal team in Buffalo also offers same-day removal services if you’re in a pinch while moving. Save your back and stress by calling Frankie’s removal service! Frankie can do it for ya!